Customs clearance process automation

Re-inventing customs clearance with artificial intelligence so you can do more, better and faster


AI for Supply Chain Paperwork

AiDock is an innovation-driven company reshaping the future of the supply-chain industry. Our ground-breaking technology uses artificial intelligence to allow courier companies, freight forwarders, postal services, and customs authorities to apply novel business practices that boost productivity.


Our “virtual assistants” automate all paperwork-related tasks in the export and import of goods. Doing so relieves productivity workers from excessive mundane paperwork involved in every international shipment and focuses them on what matters most: customer service and business growth.


At AiDock, we provide a triad of advantages that will benefit your organization, employees and the environment


Eliminate the paperwork bottleneck. Boost your customer service 


Upgrade typing clerks to

data controllers


No more printing, no more paper.

Think about the trees

From Docs to Docks

Transform your business, join the revolution.


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