Nice to meet you, I am Amy,
A pre-alert gatekeeper

International shipping is problematic, as it involves different time zones, and cultures, with varying  scopes of work. 


For example,  A pre alert was sent from China to Germany for a very urgent air shipment By the time that the agent in Germany opened the email, the Chinese one already finished working and OOPS.  There was  a problem with the documents, and due to the different time zones, the process  waited another day, which was not possible for this air shipment. 


For me, this is not an issue. I work 24/7, so I will reply to the Chinese agent timely, and if there is a problem, it is addressed and solved promptly, in minutes, not at the loss of a day. With me, your shipment is  ready for clearance when you arrive back to the office.  I also sort and label the documents from various sources,  by consolidating them into a single  set of documents per shipment. Does this sound interesting? Contact me to learn more.

Accelerate  - declarations handling

Reduce - costs and handling time

Boost - productivity, efficiency and sustainability

Seamless - easy and fast integration with REST API 

Scalable - Scale up and down upon demand - Be indifferent to mass 

Human-friendly - Promotes AI adoption throughout the organization


Automated document sorting and labeling 

Always on - 24/7

Works 24/7


Handle complicated entries first

Cost reduction

When tasks are prioritized, you can do more.

Go green

Stop printing, think about the trees

Enhancing employees

For better performance

Do more, better and faster with AiDock

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