Nice to meet you, I am Cody,
an HS code classifier

Finding the right HS code for customs entry is and will increasingly be difficult. There are more than 15,000 different HS codes to choose from, with each code having its own special definition. To make matters worse, countries have their own customs books for import and export, and even secondary HS numbers.This presents further challenges to an already difficult process. To keep up, clerks must be  smart, accurate and have a photographic memory, qualities hard to find in a single person.


I am Cody, an HS code classifier powered by artificial intelligence (AI).  By using AI, I analyze your shipment data, classify and augment this data, to provide  the most relevant HS code for each product. If I cannot determine the HS Code, or need more information, I will inform you promptly, so time is not wasted. I can also help you detect past mistakes in your shipping documents, so mistakes are not repeated. I can prevent bureaucracy, by making sure  that your employees are keeping the classification patterns of your customers. Let's work together. 


Declarations handling


Productivity, efficiency and sustainability


Scale up and down upon demand - Be indifferent to mass


Costs and handling time


Easy and fast integration with REST API


Promotes AI adoption throughout the organization

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