Cody - HS Classifier

A classified mission

As a professional in the shipping world, you probably know that classifying goods to their correct HS codes is essential for a quick, effective, and well-priced import/export procedure.

We present "Cody", your AI assistant for goods classification - The autonomous classifier.


With more than 12,000 different HS codes to select from, each holding a specific definition, finding and matching HS codes for customs entries is known to be one of the most challenging and exhausting tasks in the field.

Since sophisticated, well trained, hard-working employees are hard to come by, AiDock developed a unique AI algorithm to accomplish this mission - we named it "Cody".

"Cody": your best HS Classifier

Based on wide categorization and a massive database, "Cody" finds the specific HS code for each line item of every shipment.

"Cody", performing as your HS classifier, will double or even triple the average classifier's capacity.

Using this AI assistant, all you need to do is upload the shipment data set.

"Cody" will go through the details to confirm it has all of the necessary information. If it doesn’t, it will request any missing data or documents.

Once it has all the information and details needed, "Cody" will provide the matching HS code and will do so with high accuracy in a fraction of the time it takes a human to do so.

Why do we think you'd love Cody? 

AI Powered

Automated document sorting and labeling 

Always on - 24/7

Works 24/7


Handle complicated entries first

Cost reduction

When tasks are prioritized, you can do more.

Go green

Stop printing, think about the trees

Enhancing employees

For better performance

Transform your business, join the revolution

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