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Supply-chain professionals know: shipments waiting at the airport or seaport for the paperwork to arrive is one of the most troubling issues in their industry, causing sleepless nights, increased costs, and customer dissatisfaction.

Long hours are invested and the best teams are used to achieve profitable shipments, courses, and timetables; all of this can collapse due to paperwork delays.

On-premise implementation, when employees are out of the office for meetings or traveling, might jeopardize the ability to provide excellent service and products.

 Tailor-made product usage differentiates between money well-invested and utilized to complete their goals.

Choosing the precise and accurate telecommute-friendly solution for a specific challenge is the preferred and most beneficial approach for every company.

Meet the AiDock web platform

 The web platform is telecommute-friendly; it requires no software implementation; it makes the world a smaller place while offering high performance and low cost.

The web platform enables customs brokerage firms to provide service around the globe, around the clock, and in larger volumes.

In all industries, time is money. Teaching employees how to use new software is often time-consuming, and therefore costly.

Aspiring to introduce an easily adoptable product, AiDock insisted on a very simple web platform with an intuitive interface.

 When purchasing the web platform, each firm can choose whether to use the innovative customs platform, AI assistance to support and navigate overload and achieve higher efficiency, or a third party to take over typing data into ERP systems.

By better managing loads and potential bottlenecks, a firm can balance its workload, and provide better service to customers through improved employee satisfaction and resource maximization.

The technology that will improve your service and bottom-line profits is the one that will result in paperwork waiting at the dock for the shipment and not vice versa.

 Increasing work volume while satisfying customer expectations requires perfectly suited telecommute-friendly systems – the AiDock web platform is precisely that.

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