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Evenly Prioritizing

During busy hours, the most important role is of the one directing the traffic and setting priorities. 

In firms that deal in import/export work, managing and prioritizing shipment procedures requires someone who can see the whole picture, can acquire all of the information, and is shipment-savvy, so the team isn’t forced to focus on the simplest process, while a complicated one awaits service.

Introducing - Evan

Sometimes it's not just how well you work, but also the order in which you perform your tasks.

"Evan", your AI assistant, will prioritize and arrange the work order.

Once "Evan" gets all the details required from "Amy", "Bailey" and "Cody" it will set a priority list of shipments to address and handle. It will help your team turn to the complicated files first, and make sure you maximize the firm's efficiency.

Why do we think you'd love Evan? 

AI Powered

Automated document sorting and labeling 

Always on - 24/7

Works 24/7


Handle complicated entries first

Cost reduction

When tasks are prioritized, you can do more.

Go green

Stop printing, think about the trees

Enhancing employees

For better performance

Transform your business, join the revolution

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