Francis - Shipment router 

Frankly, the best shipment router

Choosing the best route for both your firm and your customer is a complex task. Taking into account the numerous variables: shipment value, urgency, weight, dimensions, etc. can result in wrongly selecting a route, while spending an extended period viewing all of the options.

Introducing - Francis

"Francis" will acquire shipment details and, within seconds, calculate and find the best route for your shipment.

"Francis" will showcase all flight/vessel routes which would best suit your shipment, taking all variables into consideration, including capacity, demand, weather, and carrier score.

So should your customer like to ship DG in fast mode, "Francis" will inform you within seconds of the best route by Air, Ocean or Land.

Why do we think you'd love Francis? 

AI Powered

Automated document sorting and labeling 

Always on - 24/7

Works 24/7


Handle complicated entries first

Cost reduction

When tasks are prioritized, you can do more.

Go green

Stop printing, think about the trees

Enhancing employees

For better performance

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