Operational excellence

Newbies might think that the business world is all about value – money wise, achieving the highest bottom line, profit, dollars, setting digits and currency goals, and from there on spending every working hour moving towards those goals.

However, the thing that should stand in the base of every firm, organization, business, is the value it should give customers and users.

Value as in problem-solving, pain-relieving, time-saving, expenses lowering, etc.

The root question should be “why”?

Why do we work on this product?

Why should a customer be interested in such a product?

Why us?

Therefore, when establishing a firm, one must be users’ and customers’ pain, need, problems savvy.

It is only when you have the problems and pains mapped that you can focus on the solution – product.

The product being fun, low priced, or the team being great will not qualify as useful enough answers for the 3 questions above.

Once you are set on these answers and design a suitable product to fulfill them, you can move on to aim for operational excellence.

How does a firm or a product master its competition and have operational excellence?

Know your market and what differentiate you from the competition and focus on that when approaching and servicing clients.

Keep your eyes on the customers and be agile enough to transform as they do, yet responsible enough to make the right choices and decisions.

Don’t forget that an employee is as much a customer as those out there, so you should handle them with the same attitude and respect while leading the organization to success.

Quality as a method. Quality is not just delivering a unique product; it is also able to provide a consistently good product for an extended period.

Markets have shown that firms can rise and set based on the quality of service and product. 2020 will continue to demonstrate that users and customers wish to invest their money where value for them is clear and high.

#OperationalExcellence is a way to emphasize a business’ “Why?”

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