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CEO & Co-Founder

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The smallest things can make you want to change the world.

Our story began 2 years ago… as I was observing a customs brokerage firm on a typical day of operations. I saw that the desks were loaded with papers that were being filed by clerks. This seemed strange, as the input consisted of emails and digital files—and the output was digital files as well. Even more amazing was the realization that the same happens throughout the supply-chain industry, in both small and large companies. I became aware of how much time and effort is being invested by clerks in all mid-level tasks;


After some thought, it became apparent to me that a change was needed, one that would provide a solution and create a big opportunity. This is how I came up with AiDock's vision of a world in which smart AI technology can serve to improve procedures in the supply-chain industry toward increasing company efficiency and maximizing profits, allowing for big data preservation and a suitable environment for generations to come.


One of the biggest problems with office work is that humans can only read, understand and process so much paperwork in a given timeframe; while the paperwork continues to accumulate and regulations remain strict, time is of the essence.


Add to this that today's Gen Y employees will not settle for low income, or mediocre or boring work. They seek exciting and interesting positions with opportunities for self-growth; jobs that are entrenched in paperwork are deemed to be least interesting, lacking in vision.  


This is where the AiDock solution turns the tables. 

We give clerks access to tools that will help them perform tasks more efficiently by providing them with automated helpers and a control system, and by taking over tasks that they will not, cannot, or simply do not have the time to perform, thereby leaving them with more time to focus on the more important tasks that lead to business growth.


Since the invention of box containers, there have not been any significant technological developments in the supply-chain industry; in fact, it has remained rather static. It is only in recent years that organizations have begun to realize that if this industry continues to operate as it has, the entire system will become stagnant and will be at risk of not having enough resources to handle the growth in e-commerce shipments and global freight. 


Once we understood that the supply chain is an important point of focus, we chose to target the most challenging segment in this field—customs and regulations. Customs and regulations are responsible for ensuring that no illegal goods come across borders and that the country's economic policies are followed properly. Shipments are subjected to an extensive number of procedural steps to get through customs and regulations, and our goal was to shorten and simplify this process. 


We found a well-thought-out solution to a very real problem, and this is why our product is currently being used by global companies. We are targeting an already enormous market that, according to predictions, stands to further double in size. We therefore see a future of exponential growth in the use of our solution.


​With our brilliant team, the right investors and a supportive environment, AiDock is on its way to building a future-generation component that will globally change how the supply chain works. We invite you, team players, customers, partners, and investors, to join our exciting and promising journey.


Thank you,

Eddie Galantzan

CEO and Co-Founder


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